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Hi! I’m Chris, an obsessive traveler and full-time freelance reporter.

In 2020, I started writing about loyalty and credit card rewards, but I now cover a wide range of travel topics. That includes stories about why I get haircuts on the road, what the rise of sober travel means, how airlines are upgrading their first- and business-class seats, and much more.

Illustration by Min Heo for The Washington Post (made for my story!)

Checking in is about sharing my passion for travel and working within an ever-evolving media industry. As to what that means in practice, it’ll be views and perspectives from behind the scenes.

What’s it like when I go on assignment? How did I produce that video for social? What’s an article I’m proud of and how did it come about? What’s the tea on press trips? More broadly, what’s on my mind travelwise?

Yes, we obviously check in to hotels and flights but my goal here is a bit more selfish — it’s to check in on myself. After all, it’s important to remind ourselves of progress, why we do what we do, and at least for me, how travel has become an integral part of my identity.

I hope you’ll stick around to read these snippets as I check in from my travels around the world.

Checking in from my home base in LA,

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