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(Previously known as The Multidimensional Traveler.)

Hi! I’m Chris, an obsessive traveler and freelance writer with a love for luxury travel and local experiences. I love sleeping in opulent five-star hotels just as much as I do eating at hole-in-the-wall noodle joints. Oh, and a large portion of my travel is funded by points, miles, and credit card rewards.

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Why I'm creating this newsletter.

Travel, and travelers themselves, aren't one-dimensional.

There are plenty of newsletters and websites already out there about travel hacking, finding deals and using points, and which credit card to get to help you get somewhere.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are sites that cover destinations, including first-person narratives and guides about what to do once you're there.

To me, these two areas sometimes feel separated. I want to share my travel knowledge in a way that bridges the gap, in a fun, personalized way. Which leads me to...

Who's writing it.

Me! Chris Dong. I live and breathe travel and travel rewards. I write for publications like Travel + Leisure, WaPo, Conde Nast Traveler, The Points Guy, and more. You connect with me on Instagram or Twitter.

I love flying first class using airline miles. But I'm the same traveler who wants authentic, local experiences that give me new perspective at my destination. Sometimes I want to stay at a boutique hotel with cash. And other times, I only want to stay at a hotel chain property using points.

Ultimately, luxury travel, local experiences and points and miles can all go together.

That’s The Modern Traveler.

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Chris Dong

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